One doesn’t often think of the word “freedom” in connection with the death of a Marine. But that is precisely the connotation of this NCIS show, a repeat from last season. If this show airs again, we’ll skip it. The “victim” turned out to be a creep. His wife, a “gunney” like Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, was not a likable character. When the NCIS agents questioned her in the death of her husband, she told them to “leave me and my son alone.” Oh really? Was she never a suspect? Gibbs played right along, probably because he was also a “gunney” in his Marine Corp days. We understand she wanted to protect her son, but why did she never leave or get help? The answers to those questions were left hanging. Also, we thought McGee should have pursued the girlfriend’s injury to her hand more vigorously to begin with. The whole stolen identity thing with McGee was a red herring. Tony discovered the culprit was McGee’s teen-aged neighbor. The kid fraudulently put a cool ten thousand on McGee’s credit card, and then acted so unconcerned. He’s a juvenile delinquent in the making. Come on NCIS writers — give us a break. Your agents will be making a felony case on him in a few years.