As Michael Weatherly, aka Anthony DiNozzo, prepares to depart the NCIS show, the producers created a special episode that provides an extra dose of Tony DiNozzo, and Tony DiNozzo, and Tony DiNozzo and Tony DiNozzo, as there are three “phony Tony’s”. It was a really fun episode about a good looking blonde who steals Tony’s identity as very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, and hires three actors to pose as Tony while she engages in a scheme to blackmail three Senators. Things become serious when a fake Tony is killed in a hit-and-run accident. The NCIS team goes to work trying to solve the identity of the killer, and to figure out who stole Tony’s identity.

Those of you who taped the March 1, 2016 episode ‘After Hours’, and read our critique of that show, will remember Tony meeting the blonde and staging his apartment with Frank Sinatra props all to impress the lady. Because Tony was super distracted by the unsolved case he was working, the blonde became angry and departed his apartment. Fast forward to tonight’s episode, and we learn from that earlier show, she snapped a picture of Tony’s NCIS credentials while he was in his kitchen preparing drinks.

The only problem is the woman gave Tony a fake name on their date. So the talented Abby Sciuto comes to his rescue when she dusts his apartment for fingerprints. Tony recalls that the date touched a bottle of wine that was still in his fridge. This clue leads Abby to uncover the woman’s true identity, Elizabeth Elliott. Tony rushes off to find her and is stopped by a Metropolitan Police Officer for speeding. It gets worse for Tony when the officer says his rental car was rented with a stolen card the officer suspected that he was arresting a ‘phony Tony.’

Have you ever had days like this, when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong? Poor Tony. Agent McGee comes to his rescue this time. As they leave the police station, Tony agonizes over his life choices. Tim insists Tony is not losing his edge, he is a special person who saved Gibbs’ life, and is one of Tim’s best friends. This brings a smile to Tony, and to us. The team puts together a sting operation to bust Elizabeth Elliott. We won’t spoil all the fun twists of the plot. Suffice it to say, Tony saves the day, which we assume saves his identity to him. It remains to be seen how the writers will use tonight’s episode to usher Tony off the show.

British actor Duane Henry has been cast as MI-6 Officer Clayton Reeves. He will appear, along with actress Sarah Clark, on May 10. Michael Weatherly’s last show will be May 17.

Did you enjoy the humor and twists in tonight’s show as much as we did?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson