Wow, three good episodes in a row! Who would’ve thought? Everyone’s worried that when Michael Weatherly leaves, the show will fall apart, but the writers and producers are putting out some really good shows. So perhaps the transition from Tony DiNozzo will better than some would expect.

Tonight’s episode includes the return of Robert Wagner, playing DiNozzo Sr. The previews showed the emergence of DiNozzo Sr’s daughter, so we expected to learn that Tony had a here-to-fore unknown sister. Where you all as surprised as we were? Again, the writer’s provided some tenderness, mixed with a good ‘who done it.’ The show could have been called ‘She Said – She Said” because the two main suspects in the shooting of the winner of a state lottery, were his wife and mistress, and both claimed the other party was the killer.

While Tony and Gibbs are encouraging DiNozzo Sr. to help the homeless girl, who thinks that he is her father, the group is trying to figure which of the two women actually killed the victim. The whole crew is invested in helping DiNozzo Sr, as it gives him a much-needed project. It gives the viewer a chance to see something good being done for a homeless lady in need.

When the polygraph examiner reported that both women were telling the truth when they denied killing the victim, David immediately named the true cause of death. It was obvious. It was also enlightening to watch the polygraph examiner asking questions that required a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Some TV shows get that part wrong. It’s obvious that the NCIS producers are still using a consultant, helping them to get things correct. It’s reminiscent of our first novel ‘Facing Justice’, where the suspect endures a long and arduous polygraph, which is crucial to solving the case. It’s a very useful tool, and interesting to watch when it’s done right.

Let us return to Michael Weatherly’s upcoming departure. He has been cast in an upcoming CBS pilot called “Bull”, which is inspired by Dr. Phil. As far as his leaving NCIS, executive producer Gary Glasberg told that “People can absolutely plan on lots of surprises and lots of emotion, and lots of twists and turns, ultimately leading us toward Tony’s departure.” That’s a lot of “lots”, but we can expect more solid writing as we all say good-bye to Tony. The next episode, “Charade” airs on April 5, 2016.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson