Tonight’s episode of ‘Rogue’ was the first in Season 14, and we are pleased with the plot, the drama, and the portrayal of the dangers for federal undercover agents. That being said, before we get more into the substance, let’s deal with something we’ve said about every past season. Many aspects in the episodes are not realistic of NCIS agents or NCIS cases. First, a vehicle accident in Alexandria, Virginia would not be investigated by NCIS, even though there were military officers in the car. The local police would investigate and the County Medical Examiner would do the autopsies. But in order for there to be enough drama for fourteen years of episodes, the producers must go outside the military base for scripts. Also, it is unheard of for an undercover NCIS agent to go for eight years without a break being in the field, time spent with colleagues, and/or reassignment as in tonight’s episode. We won’t point out these shortcomings again in the coming weeks.

Tonight we had an opportunity to observe the vetting and selection of the agents needed to fill Tony DiNozzo’s absence. In the end, we see how uniquely Gibbs interacts with Special Agent Alex Quinn to find a qualified and acceptable agent for the team. Quinn, played by Jennifer Esposito (from Blue Bloods), is a training agent from FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) where NCIS agents are trained in Georgia, ostensibly to help Gibbs determine exactly what kind of agent he needs to replace DiNozzo. Does anyone besides us suspect he was really hoping Quinn would eventually see that she could best fit the bill?

The episode featured undercover NCIS agent Nick Torres who has done nothing but undercover work for eight years. Besides not developing the investigative skills that would permit him to compete for promotions with the likes of Ellie Bishop and Tim McGee, Torres has missed out on having a wife and family, and the camaraderie of a team. Having worked undercover, David can attest to the sense of desertion when having to associate with criminals whose values are direct opposite of the agent while other investigative agents are at home with their families. After solving a complicated case where he put his life at risk, Torres discovers what he really needs is to work with caring team members. Gibbs also realizes he needs a new agent with Torres’ devotion to duty. Gibbs spoke from his personal experience when he told Torres not to seek revenge on his own, to stay with the mission, and to keep his badge. It was one of many powerful moments.

Are any of you JAG fans? We are and found it great to catch up with Bud Roberts, a JAG attorney who is now a Navy Captain. Bud hinted Harm is alive and well, but never had a chance to give any details. So we suspect Bud may return another time during Season 14. We also understand that Robert Wagner will make an appearance, so that may prompt Tony to reappear as well. A fun light moment happens when FBI agent Fornell asks Gibbs to pick up milk and cereal as he’s recovering from injuries sustained last season. The team is back in fighting form. We can only imagine the difficult cases Gibbs will lead them to solve in coming days.

Share your thoughts about tonight’s show. Are you as happy as we are to have Gibbs back?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson