When the rerun of April 17, 2012’s NCIS episode “Rekindled” ran on Tuesday night August 28, 2012, were you watching? Or, were you watching the Republican National Convention on other channels? For those who watched NCIS, we are posting our critique of the episode.
Michael Weatherly lit a fire as the Special Agent investigating an arson/murder at United Equinox (UE). A new character, Jason King, bursts onto the scene having met Tony in his Baltimore days, twenty years ago. The who, what, when, where, and why of their meeting makes for interesting speculation as the two men mix like oil and water. Jason is the Baltimore Police Officer in charge of tracking down the warehouse fire, while Tony is involved because a Classified Navy document is partially burned in the fire. UE’s owner doesn’t like McGee’s “geekness.” Oh really? When the guy’s employee, Carter Plimpton, is burned to a crisp and all the owner cares about is some techie invading his space, NCIS needs to watch him carefully. One true statement does leave the owner’s lips as he reminds us, “Classified is not equal to Top Secret.” So how does that clue further the story? The lies he tells spark faster than the fake fire on the ship. UE did provide faulty wiring to the Navy and someone wants this known. But who is the “someone”?
Jason and Tony ratchet up the eye laser tag until we discover Jason is carrying the bitterness of a nine-year-old boy. Although Tony risked his life to save Jason from a fire, he couldn’t save Jason’s little sister. The investigation into the Navy documents heats up when “Phantom 8” is revealed. Our wheels began turning and it didn’t take long for us to recognize some faces in the photo and to declare, “The microchip!”
Okay, remember when the NCIS agent was killed and E.J. Barrett dug a microchip out of his wrist down in autopsy? So the writers are taking us back to the first episode in Season 9. Next week’s show may put any number of weird characters in the hot seat to resolve the continuing terror plot. Is the crazed arsonist in the orange jump suit behind the scheme? Or did the explosive sales rep burn her neck simply to create an alibi?
Gibbs helps Tony deal with not saving Jason’s sister when he says, “You tried to help. Others didn’t.” Another cool moment is when Tony suggests Abby and Jason have found out something in the lab. Seconds later, Abby phones and asks Gibbs to rush to the lab. Is Tony getting a sixth sense, like Gibbs? What do you think?
We are staying tuned for seasoned ten. Be Blessed,
Diane and David