It’s been too long since we’ve blogged. And yes, we are still writing novels. So let’s get caught up!

Many of you have written asking about our NCIS critiques. For those of you who have followed our critiques of the original NCIS show, know the producers of the show also launched a Los Angeles (LA) show and New Orleans (NO) show. While we only commented on the original show, many of our readers/fans watched the others. We started out, and continued for seven years, commenting on the actual investigative work and techniques, as well as the writing, acting, and whether the show reflected the way things were really done.

We’ve stopped writing critiques for several reasons. Mostly it’s because we, like so many of you who watched the LA and NO shows, have lost interest after some of their best actors/producers/writers left the show. It has become less realistic, and sometimes the script varied from realism to accommodate political and social interests of the moment, which distracted from a potentially good episode.

A great writer once told us to avoid writing things that might take the reader out of the fictive bubble. Well, NCIS punctured the NCIS team bubble when they replaced Tony DiNozzo with three other agents that never really worked well together. It’s something like when your favorite sports team keeps losing, you the fan, will find other more productive ways to spend your time. So we wish all the folks on NCIS the best and do appreciate the many years of enjoyment they have given to millions. And also, we give a huge thank you to the actual men and women who keep our nation safe as they pursue the guilty! Semper Fi.

So what are we doing with our spare time? Inquiring minds want to know.

We are speaking to writers’, civic, and church groups. Because many of these are private events, we don’t always post each one on our calendars. Feel free to contact us at our website,, if you are interested in having us appear at your group. Also, we are hard at work writing our 11th novel, which should be released yet this year.