We felt that two incidents made for a good conclusion to this two part episode. First, Gibbs and Vance in their interrogation of a terrorist tricked him into thinking his brother and sister had both been killed, leading to admissions on his part. The terrorist knew that there wasn’t much NCIS could do to him. So did Gibbs and Vance. In the real world of police work, once the suspect is under arrest, or not free to leave, the suspect can request an attorney. Thereafter, nothing the suspect says can be introduced against him in court. BUT, they can be used to pursue other aspects of the investigation. So it was in this case.
In the second incident, NCIS used a jamming device to prevent the terrorist’s brother from using his cell phone to detonate the bomb beneath the school bus.
It was interesting to see the writers of NCIS including scenes with Tony and the Navy Chaplain. We found Tony’s conversation with God to be interesting. Tony exhibited the third aspect of our human existence, the spiritual. While it was humorous to see Tony talking to God, who is all knowing, all powerful and present everywhere, about a deal he had made with God, it will be interesting to see how the writers weave that deal into any future episodes. Tony is starting to mature and once again, Ziva was strong in Afghanistan. We wondered why Gibbs wasn’t wearing a helmet in a war zone.
Deep issues of good vs. evil were presented. Our final thought: God help us. What are yours? Be Blessed, Diane and David