More later, about the above video and why Kat’s experience with the CIA is relevant to this post, but first we have a surprise for you! Ziva is back on NCIS!!!! We are so thrilled to report that Ziva will return to NCIS this coming fall for Season 17.  All we know at this point, is that she will have at least a brief appearance. She showed up during the final seconds of the final episode of Season 16 in a most dramatic way. No one except the showrunners/producers and Mark Harmon, who plays Gibbs, even knew she was going to appear. News reports indicate the filming was secret, occurring at midnight, and the script was embargoed. Here’s what happened. Gibbs is in his basement working on a boat when people from his past appeared with message for him. Finally he hears something upstairs. He calls out, “All right, what now?” Ziva shows up at the top of the stairs, and says, “Hello Gibbs. No time for pleasantries. You’re in danger.” He stares back at her amazed and the viewer can almost read his thoughts, wondering if she is alive and truly in his basement. Ziva sprints down the stairs toward him, and says, “Well, are you gonna say something?” He does. One word. “Ziva!” It was Ziva’s first appearance on the show in six years. Welcome back Cote de Pablo. We’ve missed you and we all hope you will actually be on for the entire season!

Secondly, the above book trailer from our 2008 novel, “The Camelot Conspiracy,” may remind you of things happening in the headlines today. The Justice Department is preparing to release documents that may show how a the deep state (or shadow government) used court- ordered bugging and off-shore relationships to record political opponents and perceived political enemies. It could have far reaching ramifications. Those of you who have read “Camelot” will realize that back then we described tactics, which are currently being used. Read our thriller now and see how nationally viewed TV news reporter Kat Kowicki discovers her phone is being tapped by people connected to the CIA as Kat is searching for the truth in the JFK assassination.

Lastly, the digital versions (Kindle) of each one of our books (including Camelot Conspiracy) are now available at the reduced price of $2.99 on Amazon. Buy them now and tell your friends!

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

Diane and David Munson