What better way for a TV series looking to prop up it’s dropping ratings than to have two of the characters get married on TV? It happened in Happy Days when Joanie and Chachi were married on TV. A famous wedding happened on General Hospital in 1981. Luke and Laura married on the show and that episode scored 31 million viewers. When Phoebe and Mike were married to a national audience on Friends, all the other cast members played a part in the wedding and it took place outside during a show storm. It was so cold the bride joked that she would be ‘her something blue.’ Sound familiar? Isn’t it interesting that is the same as the name of tonight’s episode of NCIS?

In featuring Tim McGee and Delilah Fielding in a wedding to close out the season, it seems the writers chose a lightweight “who-done-it”, which wouldn’t overshadow the nuptials. So a prank to embarrass a Navy ship’s commander goes completely awry resulting in the death of one of the food service petty officers aboard ship. The attempted cover-up requires just enough investigation to permit the wedding to occur in the allotted forty minutes of the TV show, minus advertisements. The clues and workmanship of Gibbs’ team is just in time to get a confession and still allow time for the NCIS team to fulfill their various roles in the bridal party.

McGee was his usual nervous self. Gibbs was given a chance to shine, when during a private conversation with Tim, he presented Tim with a watch given to Jethro his father. Tim was surprised and felt Gibbs should not part with such a valued memento. Don’t you think it was touching? Gibbs, who has no son, gives his valued watch to Tim McGee one of his most hardworking and loyal team members. This scene ranks as one of the best all season.

Next Tuesday is the final episode for this season. Are you all going to watch the exciting conclusion?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson