It happens every year about this time, so we’ve come to expect it. The NCIS’ seasonal finales have been ending with a “to be continued” cliffhanger, and it happened again tonight. Each year the finale scene is a dramatic explosion or gunfight and we have to wait until the autumn season premiere to see if everyone survived. Then throughout the summer, blogs and TV critics will speculate about which of the actors from the NCIS show will not be included in the fall lineup due to contract negotiations.

Tonight, Gibbs’ team is investigating the discovery of the body of a Navy SEAL in Paraguay, when they learn that two SEALS (Petty Officers Matthew Dean and Charlie Hudson) went on an “off the books” rescue mission to find the young son of a Paraguayan citizen who aided a team of SEALS during an earlier mission in Paraguay. Now the young son was being indoctrinated to become a revolutionary soldier. Those of you Hallmark movie fans might recognize PO Dean’s wife Elizabeth as being played by Erin Krakow from “When Calls the Heart”, which by the way is a favorite of ours and worth watching if you are looking for something different over the summer.

Long story short, Special Agents Gibbs, Torres, and McGee go on a daring rescue mission in Paraguay to save PO Dean, and when the Navy rescue helicopter is trying to depart, the three NCIS agents are engaged in an active and dramatic gunfight with rebels. So we have to wait until the fall to see if the whole team survives. It was really an exciting, well-written, and well-portrayed episode.

Any opinions about who survives and who if anyone beside Ducky might be leaving the show?

Have a great summer and watch for us to weigh in on various important news events until the NCIS team returns.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson