Maybe Our Books are Too Believable

We often describe our books as ‘factional fiction,’ or ‘high velocity suspense’. When asked, we tell readers that we try to write novels (especially the law enforcement and criminal justice aspects) so they will have a realistic picture of the dangers FBI, NCIS, and DEA agents face in their careers as well as an inside look at the function of prosecutors and judges. Many of you have shared through the years how you have enjoyed this aspect of our thrillers that we write based on our careers in the law. What we don’t often mention is how we, and other authors, also pay special attention to the reviews and ratings that readers post on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and GoodReads, which reflect on us as authors.

Having said that, we would accept a critical review if someone said we don’t have good writing skills, or that we failed to hold the reader’s interest, but when a reader criticizes the actions of Eva Montanna, the featured Federal agent in all our books, then we become like a mama bear protecting her cubs. Recently on Amazon, a reader was the only one who gave our second thriller, ‘Confirming Justice’ a rating of just ** stars. She stated “The heroine Eva Montanna consistently puts her family in second place to her job. So if you want your daughters to put their families before their jobs then I wouldn’t recommend this book for young girls. I think it sets an awful example of being a wife and mother.”

Yikes! Really? How could the reader say such a thing?

You might ask, why do the Munsons assume the reader is a she? Well, we could be wrong, but we think if the reviewer was a “He”, in the review, he may have criticized Eva’s husband for not keeping his wife from such dangerous situations.

A careful reading of this novel reveals that while Eva struggles to balance career with her family obligations, she is careful to put her family first when she can. We also strive to show readers the demands federal agents face. Too often, it is difficult. And we wonder if this reader doesn’t realize how in today’s economy, for many families, both spouses are required to work just to provide for their families? Those who have read most of our books would agree Eva does a good job of mixing her career with providing love and care for her husband Scott and their children. We can only hope this reviewer will read “Embers of Courage” where Eva’s daughter Kaley exemplifies her mom’s courage when Kaley defends herself and friends from their teacher who criticizes their Christian faith. Or maybe she will read “The Looming Storm” and see how much poise and character Kaley has learned from her mom, Federal Agent Eva Montanna, when on a class trip in the Black Sea Kaley’s and her classmates are seized by Russian troops.

We won’t pass up this opportunity to share our exciting news. Our latest inspirational romantic suspense, “North by Starlight” will be released on November 13th and is available for pre-release orders on our website and on Amazon for eBook versions. We are also hopeful that on that date, audio versions of both the new book and “Hero’s Ransom” will be available for the first time. Thanks for listening and have a wonderful Fall season!


Diane and David Munson

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  1. Karen Abbotts September 30, 2018 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Dearest Munsons thanks for this wonderful update. I agree completely. Will preorder and can’t wait to listen to your first audible selection. I will leave a review of it as I listen to so many fine audible books. Some are better read some better listened to so I’ll be excited to see how your first audible “listens”.

    As always you both are loved by us! Doug and Karen Abbotts

  2. Gary Gardner October 1, 2018 at 1:31 am - Reply

    It is not my desire to beat this guy or gal up, but it seems that they are coming from an immature perspective. As a child, I turned sixty this year; my mother was a stay at home Mom. That was relatively normal at that time, and if you worked outside of the home as a believer, you got beat up and then some. Unfortunately, or some may say; fortunately, things have changed. Very few Mom’s are stay at home Moms. I wonder about the age of the individual who wrote the complaint. If you go back a decade behind me or come from specific denomination’s, you may be very critical based upon the culture of your denomination. And you are locked in because of years of indoctrination. I grew up in a denomination and upon meeting a woman I immediately knew what church she was a member of and the leadership of that church. Many Mom’s and Dad’s struggle with their responsibility to care for their family, many wish that they could spend more time with their children. Unfortunately, our cultural wants can be translated as needs and the keeping up with the neighbor’s is an addiction. A parent who wants to resolve this problem needs to be on their knees begging for wisdom as if their lives depended upon it. And in all reality, it does impact them for their lifetimes. Our children grow up and live the results of our choices. It makes you very aware of what burdened the saints in the scriptures. Praise God for grace and forgiveness. We all stand in need of both God’s abundant grace and sweet forgiveness.

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