2014 Feb 25 NCIS Critique of “B¬ulletproof”

Tonight, NCIS writers give us a ‘white collar’ crime involving a procurement problem, instead of the usual murder. Several significant issues are dealt with, such as the rehab of injured warriors as well as of McGee’s girlfriend, Delilah, a DOD analyst. This episode portrays the convergence of bullets, the selling of arms, and civilians sending [...]

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2013 Oct 29 NCIS Critique of “Oil and Water”

Tonight’s episode was intriguing and fun. We’re past Ziva’s departure. Abigail Borin, the U.S. Coast Guard investigator, returned, giving us more insights into her strong character. We especially like Abigail because we have always thought she’s the female version of Gibbs. In “Oil and Water,” the writers showed us why. She served as a marine [...]

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2012 Nov 27 NCIS Critique of “Gone”

Tonight’s episode is in keeping with the arc of NCIS’s Season Ten, “Fallen Heroes”. Last week in “Shell Shock Part II”, Captain Westcott suffered from PTSD as a result of his tour in Afghanistan and the death of his fellow Marine. This evening an off duty Navy officer is killed trying to save a friend’s [...]

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